Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All Beings know the feeling inside, 'I Am'. Doesn't matter what race you are or what religion you come from. Doesn't matter. This feeling 'I Am' - the king knows it, the criminal knows it, the preacher knows it, the pauper knows it; everybody knows it. The sense 'I Am' transcends every kind of cultural, racial, or religious boundary. It transcends every kind of stereotype.

All beings have the intuition 'I Am'. Start with just that sense of I Am - which nobody gave you - and you hold to that sense. Don't allow it to connect with any other concept, any other thought. Let it stay unto itself. Don't judge. Don't try to evaluate anything that comes into mind. In fact other thoughts are going to try and come and call this I Am-ness into play. You might be aware of this, but stay only with 'I Am'. You can do it.

And one last thing: don't hold an image of yourself.

Sit just like this. Five minutes. Some of you ten minutes. Whenever you feel in the mood, sit with it. But keep the I Am only to itself. Soon you will come to see an incredible field of peace is present in you. It doesn't matter how much noise there has been in your mind. Your past doesn't matter. You may think you are the busiest person alive. It doesn't matter. Five minutes you do. Ten minutes you do. Watch the sense I Am, and don't let it get converted into anything else. Watch that sense with all your being. Feel it, it's there. Whenever you feel existence or aliveness, it's because the sense I Am is there. It's identical with aliveness. Stay with it, that's all. Forget about any pilgrimage or any mantra or any prayers. Stay only with the feeling I Am. And don't give an image to it.

Do this for five minutes, ten minutes, as you can, and then get about and carry on with your life. And I will guarantee you, you will be a much greater human being than you have been before. You will somehow have found a peace without religion, without joining a cult, without calling yourself a member of something, or wearing white or shaving your head or anything like this.

Anybody can do it. And it will reintroduce you to the eternal in yourself.

Boston, MA, USA
4 October, 2008