Thursday, March 12, 2009


Questioner: What is a Guru?

Mooji: A guru is a human being who has realized their original nature, and has transcended the influence of the ego and the mind.

Questioner: Is this possible in a human being?

Mooji: It is totally possible. It is totally, totally, totally possible! And this is why I am here.

Q: What are you saying?

Mooji: I am saying that If I felt it was not possible that through this sharing, that you will come to irrefutable clarity and doubtlessness that you cannot be anything other than what I am pointing at, I would not bother coming here.

You are not what you've been thinking you are. You are that itself which is timeless, indestructible, undying, eternal, pure and free. If I didn't feel that it is possible for you to see this like I see it and I am, I would not come here.

Questioner: So it is possible to see it. Is it possible to live it?

Mooji: No. There is no nobody who can live it. There is no no one who can live it, because in the seeing of it, there is no one there to live it. And this is freedom. If there was someone there to live it, you would know mostly failure.

The sense of doership in us is mostly a failing device. See that this device is not true. It's a fraud. It is not real. Reject it completely, and what remains is that which is effortless. It is not "living it". It simply is. It does not have to remember how to be this, how to stay like this. This is the common misconception which leads to so much suffering, and the sense of failure.

Questioner: Why is it so uncommon for people to see this and to live this?

Mooji: This is my question! (laughter) Because what I see in you is this. My question and quest is to find out: why don't you see this, what I see?

Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2009
edited by Sri

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